Carrie Benuska has been honing the art of real estate sales for over a decade and has successfully helped a long list of buyers and sellers accomplish their real estate goals. Fueled by her background in Industrial Engineering and gifted with the ability to develop and enact strategic plans, Carrie works diligently and effectively to help her clients reap financial benefits from home ownership.

Carrie delights in helping buyers make wise home purchases that will meet their long-term goals and enable them to profit from home ownership. Her knowledge of Pasadena and the surrounding communities mixed with her love of home improvement are a valuable resource to her buyer clients. Even in a difficult seller’s market, Carrie knows what it takes to write a winning offer and will not quit until her clients have successfully acquired their dream home.

Carrie’s strategic skills are in full display when she helps sellers navigate the process of preparing, marketing, and selling their home. Her skill at packaging a home for sale in a way that pleases the targeted buyer pool leads to quick and profitable sales. Creative and data-driven marketing means that her listings receive maximum exposure and create a buzz in the marketplace. Her ability to spur on multiple offers and negotiate top-dollar for her clients is what truly sets her apart.

Carrie’s energetic personality and commitment to her client’s best interests make her a valuable resource to anyone interested in buying or selling a home.

Tracy Macrum’s attention to detail, focus on customer service, and experience as a Paralegal are a perfect addition to the Carrie Benuska team. Her passion for helping others is obvious to both buyers and sellers, as she goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure a successful transaction for all.  With a background in the field of law, Tracy brings a professional, businesslike approach to any real estate transaction, yet it is her warm heart and ability to adapt to people and circumstances that make her so invaluable to her clients. In her spare time, she enjoys training women and girls in personal safety.

I would love to help you get strategic about your home so that you can keep building the life you love! Let’s chat!