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February 14, 2018
Colonial Architecture

I’m not sure when I became an Architecture lover, but I can honestly say that houses are my passion. Growing up in San Mateo, a scenic Bay Area city, groomed me to love good architecture. My neighborhood was resplendent with English, French, and Colonial architecture. Each street presented a smorgasbord of styles, which drew me to pick favorite houses that I still love to this day.

Making the move to Pasadena CA as a young adult and newlywed was a great choice. Pasadena in many ways felt like home. The beautiful tree-lined streets with interesting architectural homes comforted me. Just like in my hometown, I found myself loving the process of walking or driving a Pasadena neighborhood hunting for my favorites. I still find it so fun!

No matter what city I am in, I always find myself drawn to the Colonial architecture. I’m not alone, either. Home buyers of all types seem to flock to this friendly architectural style. With clean lines, symmetrical design, lots of windows, and an innate sense of elegance, Colonial architecture never goes out of style. According to Better Homes and Gardens, Colonial homes are a favorite with people across the United States.

According to an article in SFGate,

Colonial houses developed out of the US Colonial period in the 1700s. Colonists settled primarily along the Eastern Seaboard and built homes that became the Colonial style.

The British transplants built homes that made them feel at home and protected them from the harsh winters. The original form was symmetrical, or square, and featured an entry door in the middle of the front of the home. The style also featured a consistent window configuration and a medium pitched roof to provide drainage in rainy weather.

As people from different countries came to America and began to build their own homes outside of the Eastern Seaboard, they added their own unique twist to this basic form. Those from France added a steeper roof, an elevated brick foundation, and a wide porch. The Dutch added a broad gambrel roof with flaring eaves that extend over the long sides, resembling a barn in construction. Influences from Mexico led to the creation of the Monterey Colonial, known for continuous surrounding porches on both levels, a hip roof, and adobe walls.

We are blessed in Pasadena CA to have beautiful examples of all of these Colonial forms. Next time you are driving the streets of a Pasadena neighborhood or out for your morning walk, keep a look out for Colonial architecture in all of its glory. Enjoy!

To learn more about Pasadena architectural homes, read This is Why Pasadena CA is so Amazing!

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