Getting ready to sell your home? These are the most profitable projects

September 10, 2018
getting ready to sell your home

Your Pasadena home is an incredible asset, and you have the potential to reap huge benefits if you decide to sell it. If you are getting ready to sell your home, you need to think of your home as a commodity. Buyers will be viewing your entire property and evaluating it. How does it compare to other homes on the market? Does it meet their needs? Can they move in or is there work to be done? Fundamentally they are looking for value.

Although every home and situation is unique, I believe it is in every seller’s best interest to do a thorough evaluation of their home prior to bringing it to market. When I say evaluation, I mean a 360-degree inspection. There are usually some important projects that should be enacted to optimize a sale. Few people maintain their home in sale-ready condition. Most of us enjoy living in our homes, chipped paint and all. That is why it is called “home.” If you are getting ready to sell your home, though, it is a different story. Now it is time to think like a buyer.

The following projects are ones I commonly encourage my clients to enact:

  • Interior Paint – There is no doubt that a good coat of white paint is the best way to get a home ready for sale. It looks great, smells fresh, and creates a neutral palette for buyers to imagine placing their own furniture and art.
  • Carpet – Buyers, in general, prefer hardwood flooring, but if a home has carpet, it better be clean and in good condition (and ideally a neutral color). New carpet is similar to a new coat of paint. It really transforms the aura of a house.
  • Fix Anything That is Broken – Unless a buyer is purchasing a fixer, they want to move in and start living. They don’t want to deal with appliances or systems that are broken. The doors and windows should open and close easily, the HVAC should heat and cool the house effectively, and the bathroom fixtures should be leak-free and drain well.
  • Spruce the Landscaping – It is often the outdoor spaces that receive the least attention (I know this happens at my house). The whole yard (including the side yards) should look crisp and well-maintained. Often it is the time to add some plant material and a layer of mulch in all the beds works miracles! Decks and patios should be power-washed and appealing.
  • Exterior Paint – Most houses have some amount of dry rot – especially on sides of the house with heavy sun exposure. Peeling paint on window sills or shutters will also show up on a termite report. Along with some touch up on exterior paint, I often have my clients wash the exterior of the house and the windows!

Most of my clients spend at least $10,000 on home preparation tasks, and I have helped owners spend as much as $70,000. Each time it has reaped big rewards. If you are getting ready to sell your home, you will also want to consider the role that staging will play in your sale. I highly suggest that you read, Staging Your Home To Sell – Optional or a Must? to learn more about this important process.

I am here and ready to help you get your home ready for sale. I have a team of experts that help me advise you on the right projects to enact. We don’t want you to spend even a single dollar on tasks that won’t make a difference with buyers. Call me at 626-840-9149 to set up a home evaluation.

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