Homes For Sale in Northeast Los Angeles

January 29, 2018
Northeast Los Angeles homes for sale

I love working with first time home buyers! Getting started with real estate investment is an exciting process! It is such an honor to work with these neophyte buyers and help them make wise choices on this uber-important transaction. In order to help my buyers, I need to be fully versed in homes for sale in Northeast Los Angeles (aka NELA). This trendy part of town is the ideal place to buy a first home.

My trip today was dual-purpose. I decided to visit some home decor shops in between house tours. One benefit of NELA is the fun selection of shops, restaurants, and coffee shops. I visited the incredible Sunbeam Vintage in Highland Park (106 S Avenue 58). I was enthralled with their incredible selection of Mid Century vintage furniture. In addition, I toured three homes running from El Sereno to Highland Park. At one point I drove high up into the hills of Montecito Heights. The day was beautiful and clear, and on my way down I had to pull to the side of the road for a quick shot all the way to the Hollywood sign. It was stunning!

Unfortunately, there was nothing right for my buyers interested in homes for sale in Northeast Los Angeles. My research was truly important though because Northeast LA real estate is HOT! It probably will take some time and a few unsuccessful offers for my buyers to find their dream house. A first time home buyer interested in this part of town has to be ready to fight it out with other eager buyers. Anything under $700,000 is going to be particularly competitive. There is a shortage of inventory, and there are a lot of buyers.

If you want help finding Northeast Los Angeles homes for sale, I would love to help. I have the experience and wisdom needed to help you navigate the process and successfully purchase your first home. If a fixer upper is what you want, all the better. I can help you find a home that you can buy, fix up, and sell some day. What better way to build wealth!

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